“Ooh. Aah. That’s How It Starts, Then There’s Barking… And Biting.”

“So… we meet again.”

In ye olden days, captains would perform a final tour of their ship before a hopeless battle. On Tuesday morning, I did a final walk-through of my home before our new occupant arrived. I looked wistfully at the pale cream carpet and I gazed forlornly at the painted walls that I presumed would be scratched, chewed and covered in drool upon my return.

However upon my return from work, it appeared my fears had been unfounded… for now.

Helen was playing with CJ in the giant and to my relief, she was just as tiny as when we first saw her. Tiny = manageable.

Helen, it seemed, had already made progress in the toilet training department, confining her to the conservatory and, upon any hint of a call of nature, directing CJ to the garden. Sure there were a few initial accidents, but seeing as it was on the tiles and Helen was ‘Johnny-on-the-spot’ with the kitchen towel and stain remover, I wasn’t that bothered. In fact, I barely had to do anything so I just sat down, cracked open a beer and did some freelance work.

So how did the first evening with a puppy go? Surprisingly smoothly.

Granted she has the world’s smallest bladder and needs directing to the garden every hour or so, but apart from that she just walked around and explored the house, before lying down and doing nothing.

There was no yapping, no dog poo on the carpet and, thus far, no desire to chew my DVDs. Sweet.

Of course, because Helen had been exercising her, CJ was sleeping by 9pm. Unfortunately I was watching a film that had frequent gunfire and ‘jump moments’ (Mr Brooks, if you’re interested – Kevin Costner as a serial killer, not that bad despite a random subplot with Demi Moore as a homicide detective), so she was woken up quite a bit.

Still, that’s something she’s going to have to get used to.

That night, there was no noise, no yaps for attention and she simply settled at the foot of the bed and crashed out.

She didn’t bother me in the slightest or wake me up at all. Helen was up first thing feeding and exercising her, so if CJ continues to simply lie there and occasionally sniff my feet, this could work out ok.

But we will see…


About Timon Singh

Timon Singh lives in Bristol, England with his girlfriend Helen Harfield. He is a graduate of Liverpool University where he received a degree in Social and Economic History. He is currently a Creative Copywriter and does freelance work for Den of Geek and Inhabitat. An avid film geek, he can often be found on his sofa basking in the power of his home cinema system. He can also be found on Twitter: @timonsingh
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One Response to “Ooh. Aah. That’s How It Starts, Then There’s Barking… And Biting.”

  1. littlevixen says:

    OMG I just stumbled upon this site trying to find out whether I shld bend to my bf’s pressure of getting a dog. You’re soooooooooo funny lol and your dog is sooooo cute. I hope he doesnt chew any of your dvds lol

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