I Still Don’t Get Why People Have Dogs… Or Do I?

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This is going to be a hard one to explain, especially after CJ and I have just spent the evening hanging out – but I still don’t understand why people get dogs.

Companionship is the answer that I often receive when I ask this, but it seems incredibly one-sided – and in our relationship I do bugger all.

The cost, the time devoted to feeding, cleaning and walking, it all seems a hell of a lot to do to have what is essentially a living cuddly toy. As I write this, CJ is currently at my feet, after napping behind the sofa. We spent the evening going for a walk around the block, before each having our individual dinners before indulging in our own particular vices. Her – a chew stick. Me – gin.

At the moment, we’re watching (500) Days Of Summer (which she seems to love), but honestly this is only relaxing because she’s not doing anything. If she was barking and wanting attention, I would quite frankly be annoyed. As she is now, she’s great – but that’s only because she’s not doing anything.

So am I completely missing the point? Would I be just as happy with a large cuddly toy? One that doesn’t smell? One that doesn’t eat my pumpkin? One that doesn’t chew my carpet AND my walls?

Although she does have adorable eyes. And she always high-fives me. And she does seem to love napping in my lap. And she does love Braveheart



About Timon Singh

Timon Singh lives in Bristol, England with his girlfriend Helen Harfield. He is a graduate of Liverpool University where he received a degree in Social and Economic History. He is currently a Creative Copywriter and does freelance work for Den of Geek and Inhabitat. An avid film geek, he can often be found on his sofa basking in the power of his home cinema system. He can also be found on Twitter: @timonsingh
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3 Responses to I Still Don’t Get Why People Have Dogs… Or Do I?

  1. littlevixen says:

    Cos there sooooooooo cute. Aww shes got sooo BIG! Do you cuddle her?
    OMG she likes braveheart to! heheheh thats tooooo cute lol…i LOVE braveheart two…

  2. Rat Tzu says:

    I never got the point until moving in with a house mate who had a dog. Having a canine arch-nemesis is where it’s at. She also loved Game of Thrones, probably because she thinks she’s a dire wolf.

    • Timon Singh says:

      She does love to see other dogs on TV. We were watching Frozen Planet the other week and she was entranced by the scene with the wolves taking down the bison. She couldn’t take her eyes off the screen. I hope it doesn’t give her any ideas…

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