Loldogs: CJ Has Joined The Pack

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Ah loldogs. The inevitable backlash to the domination of lolcats where an image or photograph of a cat is combined with idiosyncratic and grammatically incorrect text intended to cause great mirth. Let’s face it. Cats have had their time – now it is time for dogs to rise… namely as they are now flying helicopters.

Thanks to Tim Popple aka @Populusque, CJ has now joined the ranks of the loldogs.

I forsee many more following.


About Timon Singh

Timon Singh lives in Bristol, England with his girlfriend Helen Harfield. He is a graduate of Liverpool University where he received a degree in Social and Economic History. He is currently a Creative Copywriter and does freelance work for Den of Geek and Inhabitat. An avid film geek, he can often be found on his sofa basking in the power of his home cinema system. He can also be found on Twitter: @timonsingh
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